Root Box

The Root Box is Collective Roots’ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Started in 2012, the Root Box is an innovative approach to supporting sustainable farmers and ensuring the East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market continues to thrive!  Watch this video to get a better idea of the goals of the Root Box and the farmers we support.

Sign up online!

Signing up is quick and easy:

1.  Review and agree to the Root Box Terms of Service.

2.  Join the google group for the Root Box by Collective Roots.  Once you join the group you will receive an email at the end of each month with the order form for the following month.  Read more to learn how to order shares if you have joined in the middle of the month and would like to receive shares for the remainder of the month (FAQ #5).

3.  Complete the monthly order form for the current month.

4.  Submit payment online or mail a check to Collective Roots at PO Box 50784, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

You will receive an email order confirmation, and once you have completed payment you will start receiving your Root Boxes!

Questions? Contact us at

New! Fruit Bag!

We are now offering a third share size, the “Fruit Bag”.  The Fruit Bag is perfect for fruit lovers who want to take advantage of the sweet summer harvests–peaches, nectarines, strawberries, and so much more!  Each Fruit Bag will include 3-4 pounds of many varieties of fresh summer fruit for only $10! You can sign-up to receive the fruit bag on the same order form as the full and half shares.

Share the Fruit Bag with your neighbors, colleagues, or family!  Spread the summer love!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Each week, CSA members will receive a box of produce with a number of local & seasonal items (8-12 in a full share, 5-7 in a half share). The CSA shares purchased by members generate a stable, guaranteed income for our farmers, overcoming the variability in market sales common at low-income markets. By choosing to purchase your fresh produce through a CSA, you are directly supporting sustainable, small-scale farmers, ensuring a farmers’ market is viable in East Palo Alto, and getting a great deal on organic, local produce!

Who benefits?

Benefits of a CSALocal Farmers: CSAs provide farmers with a steady source of income, even when faced with uncertainties (i.e. a bad growing year).

East Palo Alto Farmers’ Market: Farmers must sell a certain volume to make attending a market worthwhile. The income generated by the CSA helps farmers reach that minimum, guaranteeing their attendance at the market on a regular basis.

YOU and the Community: Each week you will receive a box full of fresh, locally grown produce! The   community will have access to this same great food at the EPA Farmers’ Market!

Got more questions?

Check out the Root Box Frequently Asked Questions, or email us at rootbox(at)collectiveroots(dot)org.

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