Cooking and Nutrition Classes

We have taught a number of education courses at multiple sites throughout the community. The goal of these courses is to build the skills for healthy lifestyle changes. In partnership with 18Reasons of San Francisco, we have taught a six-week cooking and nutrition course called “Cooking Matters”. We have often also taught a six-week companion course called “Gardening Matters”. Occasionally, we have combined these two courses into a 12-week series that we have called Chef in the Garden. At the end of these courses, interested and eligible participants can join the Backyard Gardener Network and receive a sliding-scale home garden installation. Armed with a new set of recipes and lots of practice preparing healthy meals from fresh ingredients, our graduates are well equipped to use the produce they grow in their new home gardens. Interested in volunteering in our adult cooking, nutrition and gardening classes? Please email!

It’s Dinnertime!

A recent report published by Share our Strength, the national coordinator of Cooking Matters, debunks many assumptions about the dining strategies of low-income families.  Contrary to many popular beliefs, 8 in 10 low-income families make dinner at home at least five … Continue reading

A Year in Review: Our Success in 2013

In 2013, Collective Roots and our nutrition education subcontractors reached over 11,000 people through our innovative nutrition programs including Cooking Matters, Fresh Fest, the Rethink Your Drink Campaign, and our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Tasting programs throughout Santa Clara, San … Continue reading

Beyond the Headlines – Hunger in the Bay Area

Check out Collective Roots’ Executive Director Kris Jensen on ABC’s Beyond the Headlines, talking about the work of Collective Roots to address food insecurity, hunger, and healthy food access in East Palo Alto.

Healthy food program helps patients manage disease

New American Media.  March 22, 2012.   On a recent Tuesday afternoon, Sosepa Tulua, Mele Olini Tamale, Fusi Laisenia and Mele Fangaiuiha planted tomato, squash and string beans at a recently established community vegetable garden. Unlike other community gardens, however, … Continue reading

East Palo Alto community health worker helps Pacific Islander patients get care

Peninsula Press.  November 7, 2011. “These tattoos remind me of who I am,” [Tiffany 'Uhilamoelangi-Hautau] said. So does her job as a community health worker at Ravenswood Family Health Center, where the 28-year-old — half-Samoan and half-Tongan — works to improve … Continue reading

Trading cheetos for kale chips

Palo Alto Online.  September 6, 2011. She was just 24 years old, but in the span of just one year of eating an American diet, Tiffany Uhila-Hautau’s patient had gained 75 pounds.  Rapid weight gain — and the diabetes it … Continue reading

Nutrition and exercise programs help East Palo Alto families fight childhood obesity

Peninsula Press.  December 14, 2010.   Ofelia Valencia, a Mexican immigrant and 13-year resident of East Palo Alto, doesn’t shop at the grocery store that’s closest to her house, or the store that sells the freshest produce.  When her 9-year-old … Continue reading