Backyard Gardener Network

East Palo Alto is home to a rich and celebrated agricultural history! Community members are maintaining oases of urban farms and backyard gardens across the city. Read this fantastic story of the legacy of urban farming and backyard gardening in East Palo Alto to learn more.

The Backyard Gardener Network is a resource for these backyard gardeners and community gardeners who are growing food in and around East Palo Alto. Through the Backyard Gardener Network, gardeners can access numerous resources to make growing food at home more affordable and accessible, including:

  • A sliding-scale home garden installation
  • Garden plots at the Collective Roots Community Garden on Woodland Avenue, the only community garden in East Palo Alto;
  • Connections to other backyard and urban Gardeners and opportunities to share knowledge and build community;
  • Assistance with becoming a Certified Producer in San Mateo County, and the opportunity to sell your produce at the East Palo Alto Community Farmers’ Market;
  • Use of a full-service indoor greenhouse in East Palo Alto, great for growing starts and maximizing the growing season;
  • Seed and produce swaps with other gardeners in our community;
  • Access to the East Palo Alto Seed Library, a free source of locally viable, organic seeds for year-round gardening;
  • Access to the East Palo Alto Tool Lending Library, a resource that includes all the tools necessary to build and maintain your own home garden, and also features special food preservation equipment for preserving your home harvests;

How to Join:

All that’s needed to join the Backyard Gardener Network is a completed application. The network is free to all members who are residents of East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park!

For a paper version of the application, or if you have any questions about the Backyard Gardener Network, please call (650) 324-2769 or email

Resources for BGN members: 


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