Community-Based Programs

  • EPA Backyard Gardener Network

    The Backyard Gardener Network is a resource-sharing community of gardeners in East Palo Alto committed to growing our own food and celebrating the bounty of our community.
  • East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market

    The East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market offers the only source of seasonal, local, and organic produce to community members in East Palo Alto. In addition to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, the market supports beginning organic farmers transitioning from work as farm laborers on industrial farms.
  • EPA Seed Library

    The seed library, a project in partnership with the Public Library of East Palo Alto, enables gardeners to check out, plant, grow, and eventually save seeds, ensuring a regenerating source of organic and heirloom seeds for gardeners in our community.
  • EPA Fresh Checks

    Fresh Checks is an innovative incentive program for low-income consumers at the East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market, enabling participants to double the value of their purchases at the market and take home more fresh, local, sustainable produce!
  • EPA Tool Lending Library

    The Tool Lending Library reduces expenses for home gardeners by offering all the tools needed to establish and maintain home gardens free of charge.

We engage residents and stakeholders in a full-scale initiative to increase access to fresh, local, healthy and affordable produce. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • creating Fresh Checks, an innovative coupon incentive program that makes fresh fruits and vegetables at the EPA Community Farmers Market affordable to low-income families;
  • creating The Root Box, a Community Supported Agriculture program operated out of the East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market that provides high quality, local, sustainable produce at an affordable price and supports the existence of the farmers market;
  • managing the East Palo Alto Tool Lending Library, which includes garden maintenance and food preservation tools that help increase the productivity of local gardeners and longevity of their harvests;
  • managing the Collective Roots Community Garden, the only community garden in East Palo Alto, as well as multiple gardens at community partner sites throughout East Palo Alto;
  • and more! 
Read about these Community Based programs in the news and learn more about the impact we are having in our community!