Volunteer Opportunities

To stay posted about all of our current volunteer opportunities, join the Collective Roots Volunteers google group.  With this group you will receive periodic, up-to-date information about one-time and ongoing volunteer projects.  Get involved with building a sustainable, healthy food system in East Palo Alto through our farmers’ market, home garden installations, cooking and nutrition classes, and so much more!  To join the group, please follow this link and click “request to join”.

Collective Roots currently offers the following types of volunteer opportunities:

• Office Assistant: Help with various organizational tasks to support the great work of Collective Roots. Offer your skills in graphic design, communications, data-entry, outreach, program evaluation, and more! Regular or Irregular, one to four hours per week, weekdays.

• Farmers’ Market Allies: Consider joining our Market Allies team! The Market Allies meets once per month on the first Wednesday of the month from 9-10 am. Market Allies are supporters of the East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market who want to volunteer to help make the market as successful as possible! Responsibilities of Market Allies including doing outreach and promotion of the market, sharing flyers with community partners, churches, schools, etc.; sharing information about the market at community events; and more. If you have a great idea of how to improve the market, make it a reality with the support of the Market Allies! If you love the market, spread the love! To join the Market Allies, contact Wendy Horton at wendy@collectiveroots.org.

•  Instructor in Programs: Teach ongoing cooking, nutrition, and gardening courses at various partner sites around the community. Courses meet two hours a week, for six to 12 weeks (depending on the site). Spanish language skills, passion for healthy cooking, knowledge of nutrition, and gardening experience are useful in this position. Regular, four hours per week, weekdays.

• Garden Mentor: Mentor new and beginning gardeners in the Collective Roots Backyard Gardener Network. Meet quarterly or on an as-needed basis with gardeners to answer questions and provide advice about home gardens. Spanish language skills and garden experience are valuable in this position. Irregular or Regular, two to five hours per month, weekdays or weekends.

• Garden Maintenance Crew: Help maintain gardens at various school and community sites around East Palo Alto, including Free at Last (a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center), Runnymede Gardens (a low-income senior housing complex), Belle Haven Senior Center, East Palo Alto Charter School, 49ers Academy, and more. Volunteers must be able and willing to engage in physical labor and get dirty Irregular or Regular, one to three hours per week (or every other week), weekdays or possible weekends (depending on site).

Home Garden Installation Crew: Join a team of volunteers and staff who help install gardens in homes of members of the Collective Roots Backyard Gardener Network. Volunteers must be able and willing to engage in physical labor and get dirty. Irregular, ~four hours per garden installation, mostly weekdays but some weekends.



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