Help Us Grow

Get involved with building a sustainable, healthy community-based food system in East Palo Alto (and Belle Haven) through our Team-Building Workday Events.

Collective Roots is an ideal place for connecting corporate employees and other groups with our gardens and the East Palo Alto community.

We offer personalized volunteer experiences for your group: a day of building, planting, composting, and garden maintenance, while experiencing the importance of community involvement and giving back to our East Palo Alto community.

We can cater the project to your particular needs and interest. Here is a rough guide to give you an idea of opportunities:

  • Maintaining Existing Garden Projects: Up to 5 participants; Minimum suggested donation: $250
  • Improving Existing Garden Projects: Up to 15 participants; Minimum suggested donation: $750
  • Building New Garden Projects: Up to 20 participants; Minimum suggested donation $1,000
  • Transforming Garden Projects: 20+ participants; Minimum suggested donation $5,000

Your donation supports our staff and programming, and allows us to purchase the materials needed for the project. Donation amount depends on budgeted costs for specific project.