Help Us Grow

We enjoyed a successful first season with our Greenhouse Seedlings Project, which ran from January through April 2016 and look forward to next season.

In 2016, we started a new seedlings project in a greenhouse facility nestled in East Palo Alto. We started this project to support our instructional growing efforts in East Palo Alto, as well as to provide seedlings to our Backyard Gardener Network (BGN) members and the greater community. With this project, we help BGN members learn how to grow seedlings in a greenhouse environment to help them strengthen and lengthen their growing season. In return for their involvement, they receive seedlings for their own gardens.

For a donation, we also offered all remaining seedlings to the greater community to raise funds to support our programming for the East Palo Alto community during our 2016 Annual Seedling Sale Donation Event that ended April 30, 2016. We would love your continued support of the project to ensure its success for next year. You can support the project through your donation below. 

We grew over 1500 seedlings, including a wide variety of organic tomato and tomatillo plants, squash, pepper, cucumber, okra, flowers, herbs, and other plants - perfect for your spring and summer gardens! All vegetable plants were grown using organic methods with organic soils and fertilizers. 

The wonderful greenhouse facilities in East Palo Alto are owned by Katherine “Kat” Connors, a research manager at Stanford and volunteer with the Food Empowerment Project. Our partnership with Kat presents a valuable opportunity to improve health and community connections for East Palo Alto residents.