Nectarine and zucchini bounty

harvestIt’s the time of the summer when we’re harvesting more squash and stonefruit than we ever thought possible. Right now, we’re checking our zucchini plants every day, because they produce so quickly! Today’s harvest was 64 pounds of produce, including zucchini, yellow nectarines, lemon cucumbers, and three varieties of peppers. So what are we doing with all of that?

For nectarines, our excess or slightly damaged fruits have been going into the freezer for smoothies or the dehydrator. It’s amazing how concentrated flavors get in dried fruit! Our Root Box CSA customers may be seeing some of these in coming weeks.

For zucchini, a recent staff favorite is mama gannouj, a tahini-based dip that’s great with pita bread or veggies. Check out a recipe for mama gannouj here!

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