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We are excited to announce the merger of Collective Roots with Fresh Approach, a non-profit organization working to increase healthy food access and community-based nutrition education in the Bay Area. Learn more


As part of the industrious East Palo Alto community, we aim to cultivate a healthier, stronger, more connected East Palo Alto by working together to build a robust community-based food system. East Palo Alto’s deep history of agriculture shows how the cultivation of food strengthens people and fortifies communities.

We seek to foster more communal growing, sharing, and eating of fresh, local produce in an otherwise highly food insecure and underserved area through:

Our Three Pillars (NEW!)

  • Growing (gardening)
  • Sharing (education) 
  • Eating (healthy food access)

We accomplish these goals through such projects as our Collective Gardening Network (or CGN, formerly BGN or Backyard Gardener Network), our monthly educational workshops, and our weekly East Palo Alto Community Farmers’ Market with accompanying Matching Programs. Come join us!



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