Donate Stock

Donating stock or securities allows you to support Collective Roots while realizing significant tax benefits. You may hold assets that, when sold, willgenerate large capital gains taxes.

By giving stocks or securities to Collective Roots, you may be able to reduce or avoid paying capital gains tax. You may also receive a federal income tax charitable deducation for the market value of the stock donated. Please consult with your tax advisor for details.

1. For instructions on how to donate stock please contact your broker or Collective Roots broker, Wells Fargo.

To transfer stock to Wells Fargo refer to account number 36967758

For electronic stock transfers, the Collective Roots DTC number is 0733 F/C

Collective Roots’ federal tax identification number is

2. Notify Collective Roots of your donation

Due to privacy concerns, your bank will not release your name or contact information with your stock donation to Collective Roots. In order for Collective Roots to confirm your stock transfer, acknowledge your donation and provide a tax receipt, you must notify us of your donation.

Please note that Collective Roots will sell your stocks or securities immediately upon receipt.

Contact Collective Roots:

Wendy, Executive Director