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The Collective Gardening Network (or CGN*) is both a resource and a community for many gardeners in East Palo Alto. 

* Formerly BGN or Backyard Gardener Network

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In order to more accurately reflect our community gardening support, we have changed the name of our program to refer to the inclusive nature of our support to gardeners of all ages, circumstances, and garden locales. Through our Collective Gardening Network program, we work to make growing food at home and in community gardens in East Palo Alto more affordable and accessible, by providing or arranging:

  • Home garden installation for those who qualify
  • Garden plots at the Collective Roots 1785 Woodland Ave. Community Garden and other affiliated community and residential gardens
  • Education in the form of monthly workshops (see our Events page for upcoming workshops)
  • Assistance with becoming a Certified Producer in San Mateo County, opening the opportunity to sell produce at the East Palo Alto Community Farmers’ Market
  • Connections to other network members with opportunities to share knowledge and strengthen community
  • Seed and produce swaps with other gardeners in the community
  • Access to our East Palo Alto Seed Lending Library, a free source of locally viable, organic seeds for year-round gardening
  • Access to our East Palo Alto Tool Lending Library, a resource that includes the tools necessary to build and maintain your own garden, featuring special food preservation equipment for preserving your home harvests

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