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Our Seedlings Project has started!

Collective Roots is excited to announce that we have initiated a seedling project in a greenhouse facility nestled in East Palo Alto. This is an amazing opportunity for Collective Roots, as we want to grow seedlings for our Backyard Gardeners Network  and also grow a number of tomatoes, squash, peppers, herbs and other plants to sell during the spring to support our programs.

Owned by Katherine “Kat” Connors, a research manager at Stanford and volunteer with the Food Empowerment Project, the greenhouse will represent a true partnership to improve the health and the community life for East Palo Alto residents.  In 2014, Kat and her husband, Ben, acquired the property, formerly operated as a commercial ferns nursery. They were excited to partner with local organizations dedicated to growing organic food for our local communities.

Collective Roots just started to grow 1,500 seedlings and herbs inside one of the hoop houses. We also want to utilize the space as a learning center for local residents and gardeners.

On Jan. 18, to honor the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service, an enthusiastic group of 20 volunteers, including high school students, and families with children, gathered at the site of Collective Roots’ new greenhouse to help us “break the ground” and start our community seedlings production. They helped us clean the facility, wash pots and trays, and fill the trays with soil mix. The children were so excited to sow the seeds and create labels to place in the planters.

But our work is not done yet. Spring is a busy time in the greenhouse and we can always use more help. Volunteers can help with watering and monitoring seedlings and learn techniques such as sowing seeds and transplanting.

Please e-mail if you are interested in being one of our greenhouse project volunteers or if you have any questions about related opportunities.


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