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East Palo Alto community health worker helps Pacific Islander patients get care

Peninsula Press.  November 7, 2011. “These tattoos remind me of who I am,” [Tiffany 'Uhilamoelangi-Hautau] said. So does her job as a community health worker at Ravenswood Family Health Center, where the 28-year-old — half-Samoan and half-Tongan — works to improve access to health care for Pacific Islanders in East Palo Alto, the community she grew up in. The clinic serves some of San Mateo County’s most impoverished residents, many lacking health insurance. About 950 patients at Ravenswood suffer from diabetes, and 20 percent of those are Pacific Islanders. ‘Uhilamoelangi-Hautau works in the chronic-disease management program and with a nonprofit organization, Collective Roots, to promote healthy cooking and eating while staying true to Tongan and Samoan cuisines. She views her patients as extended family. Read more.

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