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Thank you for the successful 2016 Fall Season at the market!

As the season creeps closer toward Thanksgiving, we are reflecting on what our fall season is bringing in and have much to be thankful for. 

We are grateful we had the opportunity to welcome over 150 families/week to experience our community market. The EPA community farmers' market is becoming more known in the community thanks to several promotional activities we have undertaken, including delivering flyers to targeted organizations around town, as well as the launch of the “Bring a Friend promotion” for EBT participants.

In particular, the “Bring a friend” initiative was very welcomed among our community, and we had around 50 people who brought a new MM/FC participant to the market and received a double match ($10 versus the usual $5 match per market day). 

We are grateful we were able to create stronger ties with other community nonprofits. During the past month, EPA library, Nuestra Casa and the Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) shares their resources with the community.  

The EPA community farmers' market will be open until December 14th. 


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