Ariana Hoyt


Ariana Hoyt is a Community Garden Educator and a full-time member of the Silicon Valley HealthCorps (an AmeriCorps program). Ariana grew up in the Bay Area and didn’t move far from home to attend Stanford University where she majored in Human Biology with a focus on child health and education. During college, she enjoyed volunteering as a medical interpreter, tutoring Stanford janitors in basic English, and growing a garden behind her dorm. Ariana is excited to be part of the Collective Roots team and to learn more about nutrition and garden-based education. In her free time, Ariana enjoys drawing portraits, camping at the beach, cuddling with her cat, and attempting to cook vegetable curries.

Kris Jensen


Kris Jensen is our executive director. Inspired by the Permaculture principles of earth care, people care and fair share Kris is excited to bring to Collective Roots his passion for social and environmental justice–especially with how it relates to our food system. Kris has spent his career working in the nonprofit sector trying to change the world in whatever way he could–beginning with a focus on job training with the developmentally disabled, moving on to working with older adults and the past several years as a highly successful fundraiser. Kris, a Cupertino resident, earned his BA from San Jose State University in Political Science and received his certification in Permaculture Design from the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California.

Adelaide Oneal


Adelaide Oneal is a Garden Educator and a full-time member of the Silicon Valley HealthCorps (an AmeriCorps program). Adelaide grew up in Alabama and moved the Bay Area to attend Stanford University. Over the last four years, she has explored food and agriculture issues in the classroom and through volunteer work with local nonprofits. Now, she’s happy to get her hands dirty, work with kids, and see how ideas from class play out in the real world. Outside of food-related activities, Adelaide enjoys reading, running, and practicing yoga.

Jennifer Putzer


Jennifer Putzer is the Program Manager for the school-based nutrition and garden education program.  She brings with her a background in sustainable and edible landscape practices as well as a passion for teaching individuals about nutrition. Jennifer supports the idea that people should be provided with knowledge in a clear and comfortable way meant to empower individuals to make positive choices about their health and wellness.

Sheila Vreeburg


Sheila Vreeburg brings 30 years of experience as a bookkeeper and office manager. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art, Magna Cum Laude, from Notre Dame de Namur University, and has experience working with organizations both large and small.

Nicole Wires


Nicole Wires is Manager of Community Initiatives for Collective Roots. A graduate of Stanford University, Nicole studied Earth Systems, an inter-disciplinary environmental science program, and created an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and food justice. Nicole previously worked on issues of international food security, spending time abroad in Ecuador, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, she loves the west, the mountains, backpacking, climbing, biking, gardening and being outside.

Gabriella Lopez


Gaby Staff PictureGabriella Lopez is our Farmers Market Manager. She was born and raised in the Bay Area and began her studies in Cultural Anthropology while exploring the dynamics of rural Californian farm worker communities, California Agribusiness, and the processes of community building at UC Santa Barbara. Gaby then went on to the University of Texas at Austin to pursue graduate education and received her M.A. in Anthropology upon completion of her thesis surrounding the historical development of institutional dynamics in Monterey County, CA. Over the last few years, while delving into the realms of agriculture, labor, and food systems her passion for sustainability, community-building and farming have grown. She loves being outdoors, gardening, hiking, playing with her dog, and reading.