Sally Chaves

Sally Chaves joined the board in 2010, is vice-chair of the board and serves on the fundraising committee. Her first memory of working in the garden was planting and harvesting corn and radishes with her father at five years old. The excitement of watching the first shoots appear and later tasting the freshly pulled radishes led to a lifelong affinity for nutrition and fresh food. Sally has a master’s degree in nutrition and is a part-time lecturer at De Anza College. She previously worked as a pediatric nurse and is passionate about working with children and families in community gardens as they experience the satisfaction of growing the food they eat.

Katie Githens

katie-githensKatie Githens joined the board in 2011, is secretary, and serves on the communications committee. Katie first volunteered for Collective Roots’ cooking classes, and had such fun helping rowdy grade school kids (and their parents) discover new culinary skills that she decided to get more involved. She has a degree in journalism and has written for small-town newspapers, travel guidebooks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Stanford University. She feels that amazing stories are underway at Collective Roots, and she hopes to tell them.

Melanie Harris

melanie-harrisMelanie Harris joined the board in 2011, is board chair, and serves on the strategic planning committee. While her career has been focused in medical device technology, Melanie strives to maintain active involvement in the community. While working in Menlo Park, she served as a mentor, teacher and tutor for programs at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula in East Palo Alto. The project she was most passionate about during her MBA program was working on the strategic plan and branding for a nonprofit focused on women athletes as leaders in the community. As a mother, Melanie appreciates the chance to be educated about food choices for her own family while making a positive contribution to Collective Roots.

Matt Horton

matt-hortonMatt Horton joined the board in 2013, and serves as treasurer as well as a member of the strategy and finance committees. Matt firmly believes that entrepreneurship and innovation are critical elements in building a more sustainable future. As co-founder of City Limits Urban Farm, a nonprofit educational farm in East Palo Alto, Matt has enjoyed engaging and educating the community in local food production and distribution. As former CEO of Propel Fuels, Matt has experienced the satisfaction of helping build one of the nation’s leading renewable fuel companies, and as a venture capitalist, Matt helped many early-stage clean technology companies get their start and achieve significant growth. Matt can be found most Saturday mornings happily digging in the dirt with his wife, Wendy, and their two young sons.

Belinda Rosales

belinda-rosalesBelinda Rosales joined the board in 2013 and serves as liaison to the community advisory board. She is a retired grandmother, a resident of East Palo Alto for over three decades and an avid backyard gardener. She appreciates seeing the smiles on her neighbors’ faces when sharing her homegrown vegetables and being able to introduce the value of gardening to her children and grandchildren.

Amy Wolf

Amy WolfAmy Wolf joined the board in 2013 and serves on the communications committee. As a former Sunset Magazine editor, the mom of two veggie-eating kids, caretaker of a revolving cast of chickens, and wife of a peach farmer-turned-businessman who’s been known to make his own pickles and kombucha, she feels a natural pull toward all things home-cured and garden-grown. Now a digital marketing expert at Stanford, she aspires to translate Collective Roots’ many powerful stories into one powerful brand. (And to spend as much time as possible in the garden alongside others who share her vision.)